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AS 200
Horizontal cartoner

The new continuous motion cartoning machines of the SERIES AS 200 are the result of a height constructive technology and a continuous development to conform to GMP directives and minimum space is required for its installation due to the extremely small footprint.

The AS200 is suitable for handle pharmaceutical and cosmetic products with little and medium dimensions and the modern balcony structure has made it possible to completely separate the mechanical zone from the carton and product conveyor zone to thoroughly inspect the cartoner internal and, eventually, detect and clean batch products at the end of the production run . This allows complete accessibility, for cleaning, maintenance, inspection and size changeover The "Balcony" design also prevents carton dust and debris from falling into main drive components.

Cartons, leaflets and similar items can be loaded from one unique operator place. The carton pick-up and positive opening mechanism consists of a rotary drum arm combined with a mechanical pre-breaking device that places the erected carton directly into the carton transport belts .


The carton transport system ( patented ) consists of scratch-proof white plastic toothed belts to insure package integrity, even when processing cartons with a high gloss finish. The AS200 cartoner is ideal for handling fragile or delicate products .

Like the other models from Bergami, also the AS200 guarantees a very quickly and simple size change over because it is realized with adjustments made through digital indicators positioned on the front of the machine. The wide range of automatic product feed systems meets all the possible packaging requests in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial and foodstuff sectors.


  • Standard and special automatic Infeeders.
  • Leaflets variants (pre-folded, flat, from reel).
  • Booklet Insertion.
  • Bar Code Readers or camera system.
  • Embossing, ink
  • Jet, laser and ink coding devices.
  • Variants of carton closure: tuck in, glue, 5th panel.
  • Separate double discharge.
  • Modem.
  • Validation Documents (IQ, OQ e FAT) are supplied according to the customer’s request.
  • Connection to host computer.